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Books for Waldorf Homeschoolers

May 2015: Due to increased printing and shipping costs, I no longer offer hard-copy books. All books are delivered in pdf format, emailed to you after the completed PayPal payment.

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Waldorf Reading for Homeschoolers CoverWaldorf Reading for Homeschoolers

Theory behind Waldorf reading philosophies; stories and pictures that can be used to develop the alphabet; enjoyable word and sound games, verses, and tongue twisters; many color illustrations

Waldorf-Inspired Watercolor painting with Children CoverWaldorf-Inspired Watercolor painting with Children

By Anita Briggs and Nadia Tan. Step by step instructions and examples for teaching your child to do wet-on-wet painting. Many color examples of children's paintings.

Homeschooling with Waldorf: Getting Started CoverHomeschooling with Waldorf: Getting Started

Overview of all you need to know to get started with Waldorf Homeschooling

Form Drawing for the Homeschooling Parent CoverForm Drawing for the Homeschooling Parent

Step-by step instructions on how to teach form drawing to your own child at home, with illustrations, some in color.

Waldorf Math Grades 1–3 CoverWaldorf Math Grades 1–3

A summary of the philosophy behind Waldorf math. Many ideas for concrete activities to do with your child. Extensive bibliography

Waldorf Math Grades 4–8 CoverWaldorf Math Grades 4–8

A short summary of the philosophy behind Waldorf math education at this level. A curriculum overview with activities. Extensive bibliography.

Waldorf Geometry for Homeschoolers Grade 6 CoverWaldorf Geometry for Homeschoolers Grade 6

Step-by-step instructions for teaching a main lesson in geometry to your sixth grader. Bibliography included, color illustrations

Science as Phenomena for Homeschoolers K–8 CoverScience as Phenomena for Homeschoolers K–8

A description of the Waldorf approach to science, including bibliographical references, sources of materials, and activities unique to the homeschooling experience

Handwork for Homeschoolers K–4 CoverHandwork for Homeschoolers K–4

Includes the philosophy supporting the need for handwork, patterns for projects, verses to go with the crafts, instructions for making knitting needles, crochet hooks, looms, etc. Bibliography, Color illustrations.