Waldorf Without Walls

Happy Summer!


Taproot Teacher Trainings filling up for 2014



Register soon to be sure you have a space!

Grades 1-8 Teacher Training, July 31 - August 3 

  Details and registration here: 







Come and enjoy life in the country, while you learn.  Other amenities include the use of Barbara’s

extensive library, ability to prepare for two grades, canoe, swim, hike, visit the chickens and cows,

evening activities, such as campfire, discussions and crafts.


Interactive Training with Jean Miller

of Waldorf Inspired Learning

If you are looking for some inspiration for your homeschooling

or teaching, this six-lesson workshop is for you. 

Inspired Learning! combines video presentations and

print lessons with the opportunity to connect with others

who are exploring experiential learning and teaching. 

Barbara will be a featured guest at several of the sessions

Click here to register and participate: 



Barbara will be presenting a 

Workshop in Doylestown, PA

Friday, August 15, 7 - 9 pm

Saturday, August 16, 8:30 am - 5 pm

Contact Megan Williams, ML.Mayer@gmail.com


Taproot Farm News

The gardens are all in and growing beautifully!  We have had plenty of rain.



The barn is full of first cutting hay, and the chickens are laying lots of eggs!



 Our cows, Frick and Frack, were joined last summer by a bull named Patrick,

a very nice one who likes to be petted!  He very promptly did

what bulls are supposed to do with cows, and both became pregnant.

Frick had her calf, a beautiful little bull, on Saturday, June 14.  

We were delighted, but our delight was short-lived;  he disappeared

the next night, and we have not even found a body.  We are looking

forward to seeing Frack's calf sometime in the next few weeks.

Beginners at farming sometimes are on a very steep learning curve!